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Very professional and live up to what they promise.

“I am very happy with the devices that I’ve gotten from Ascent Audiology Center. I’ve had bad experiences with other devices for many years, and have spent a lot of money on things that didn’t work. I’ve been using Ascent for about four or five months now, and have not had one complaint so far. Heather has been excellent in helping me get to where I want to be. I’m incredibly satisfied, and would recommend them to anyone.”
John Orsino
Cherry Hill, NJ

Very Professional and Excellent To Do Business With.

“Heather Loveland, the owner of Ascent Audiology Center, is very thorough and attentive to detail. Not only does she pay close attention to everything you say, she also conducts her own comprehensive tests to decide what hearing solution will work best for you. During my appointment I loved the way she explained things, and I felt comfortable in the knowledge that she was looking out for my best interests, not just trying to sell me a set of hearing aids.”

Tony U.
Cherry Hill, NJ

Professional and caring service

“Overall I have had a wonderful experience working with Ascent Audiology Center. I have found them to be very professional, the results are timely and efficient as promised, and overall I am very pleased with them. I would absolutely recommend their services to anybody else in the local area who is in the market for a hearing aid. These folks provide a high quality product at an affordable rate, and overall I can’t say enough good things about them. I will continue to use them going forward.”
Anthony P.
Cherry Hill, NJ

It was a wonderful experience to be given excellent hearing

“I love Heather at Ascent Audiology Center because she is very delightful, knowledgeable and thorough. I would send everyone to her. She tested my hearing and I got two hearing aids–the ones that go inside the ear. They were worth every penny. I was so satisfied when I came out of there, and it hasn’t changed since I’ve been using the hearing aids. Heather knows what she’s doing and you feel you are being taken care of. She asks the right questions.”
Donna Davis
Cherry Hill NJ

If you ever start to lose your hearing, go to Ascent Audiology Center.

“I’ve had hearing aids for two years and I used to go to my previous hearing center many times and was ALWAYS unsatisfied. They were always changing things up, shifting my hearing aids, closing up holes and it cost me a lot. I knew something wasn’t right, so I went to Ascent Audiology Center once and now my problems are gone.
Not only can I hear the way I want to hear, but I’m completely satisfied and have a new outlook on life. Heather Loveland is the owner and she’s wonderful, I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve already sent several of my friends there and they’re satisfied as well. Her staff is professional and always takes care of me. Go see them, I promise you’ll be completely satisfied!”
Lorraine Bowers
Cherry Hill, NJ

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Customer Reviews

Great visit and hearing test

Fred Zucker, on Google

mike/carol maglione, on Google

The care I received at Ascent Audiology was excellent. Mark is great to work with. Their receptionist was also very nice.

Liza Markoff, on Google

It was a pleasant experience. The doctor was really helpful and explained everything. The receptionist was so helpful and patience with me. Took the time to help me find a way to pay the hearing aids.

jeanne gliick, on Google

Vasudev Patel, on Google

Very caring, compassionate and considerate.

Gina Mosesku, on Google

Carol Vento, on Google

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but the Dr. was able to check hearing loss in both ears by a hearing test. I thought there would be more to my visit to determine what could be done for my tinnitus. It turns out, I need to go to an...

Diane, on Google

My experience was very good. I don’t remember the owner’s name but he was very patient. He listened to my past history and my concerns. After giving me a thorough exam , we sat down and talked some more. It was good to talk to someone who lived with Hyperacusis...

Carol Strang, on Google

luis santana, on Google

Came in with left hearing aid, not working. Everything was cleaned, Refurbished realigned:great service.

Edward Sanborn, on Google

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